“One of my expectations on living abroad was to become fluent in English. And learning English with Jeff made the experience meaningful and unforgettable. Jeff met me where I was at the time. Being himself a student of a second language at that time, it made him very aware of the difficulties and anxieties related to the journey of learning a new idiom and becoming fluent in it. After identifying my needs we worked together for 1.5 years, but it never felt long to me. Jeff is an energetic and passionate person, a teacher of fine sensibility and gentle manners who helped me feel comfortable to express myself from the beginning.
I remember especially the time spent on my pronunciation issues. Jeff has a sensitive ear and endless patience to work on it. It has proved to be very helpful, mainly in a one on one dialogue with English speakers. Another remarkable part of our work was the correction of the reports and essays that I had to do as a medical trainee. We would go through the text as many times as we felt it was necessary until I  said exactly what I meant in a correct and appropriate English. And, without realizing it, I ended up learning English and a lot about the American culture, poetry, music and literature, which I really appreciate and will take for life.
I can say that, without being afraid, I am myself either speaking English or Portuguese; the choice depends only on who I’m talking to.”

– Patricia, Brazil (Medical Doctor)
“Jeff is one of the most dedicated and talented English and writing teachers I’ve ever had. First, his lessons were so well structured. We started with word choices, moved on to sentence structures, then paragraphs, and so on. Thanks to that approach, by the time I got to the part of writing an essay, I realized what used to be such a daunting task had become manageable and painless. I was also impressed by the amount and depth of feedback that Jeff provided on my writing. Unlike most other English teachers who simply correct grammatical mistakes, Jeff helped me articulate my ideas concisely and ensure that my writing had a logical flow. In that sense, his lessons not just made me a better writer, but also a better thinker. I believe a lot of things that I learned from Jeff actually prepared me to cope with the rigors of law school. Finally, Jeff is such a creative teacher. I’ve never seen anyone who can integrate materials like movies, short stories, and radio interviews into English teaching so effectively. Working with Jeff was always so much fun, and I truly miss the times we had together.”

– Hana, Korea (Student, Harvard Law School)

“As a Mexican, I found out how easy is to survive in NYC if you speak Spanish. In restaurants, super markets, the post office, banks, telephone companies and many others you can find easily somebody who speaks Spanish. My situation was more complicated because my job is marketing to Hispanics, and that means that most of the time in my office I use my native language. Luck was on my side and   I had the opportunity to meet Mr. Jeff Walton. Since the first day we had a great connection not only because is an excellent human being, but the most important thing to me was to be with an authentic coach. He was very focused on my interests and he had the ability to orientate my learning. His methods are very flexible depending what you need, what you want and what will really help you to progress with your instruction that is a terrific pedagogical balance.
Some of the great experiences that I had in my lessons happened when we used the English literature (I love short stories), as I had the opportunity to read and discuss the stories, authors and much more. I enjoyed the way that he facilitated many aspects of the American culture in our sessions. Also, Mr. Walton also helped me to set up a Business Plan, which was a complex job. On the up and up Mr. Walton is one of the top COACHES that I ever have had in my life.
If you need further information, please don’t hesitate to contact me at jloaeza@gmail.com.”

Jorge, Mexico (Restauranteur)


“I first met Jeff during my ESL studies in New York City, he was my writing teacher. I was immediately captivated by his stimulating approach toward the class. Jeff is a bright and talented teacher who takes time to plan, reach students from different backgrounds, and train students to be independent learners.
Thanks to Jeff, not only I have learnt new techniques, more important I’ve gathered new ideas and developed a new way of thinking; by avoiding stereotypes and old writing rules, he made me find my own personal style. In this way, Jeff has prepared me for a career in writing more than anyone else.
Also, I must say that, as an Italian student, I was lucky to have Jeff as a teacher since he speaks perfect Italian and knows in depth about the Italian culture, so he helped me truly understand the differences between Italian and English.
Jeff is absolutely the best teacher you could ever have. I highly recommend him as a teacher to anyone.”

Raffaella, Italy (Writer and Translator)

“I was lucky enough to meet Jeff during my 3 months stay in New York last year, and his English-American teaching remains one of my most exciting experiences over the ocean! Not only he make me improve my language skills — which I admit were quite limited, being Parisian — but he proved able to make the course become a wonderful cocktail of teaching, discussion, exchange of ideas, laughs and… friendship.
Beyond his being a very efficient — and demanding! — teacher, Jeff has a sort of intuition of others which allows him to orient his teaching towards your interests… We had a wonderful time discussing music, politics, and culture, and my English improved without efforts during long passionate discussions (we didn’t always agree…).
Jeff is just the type of teacher you would dream to meet for improving (and even astonishing your friends on your return) just as easy as that, enjoying New York life and culture.
I just have one single regret… not to have enjoyed this longer, but I am planning my second « long » stay in New York! So keep ready, Jeff! And thanks a million for my English progresses, for all these exciting discussions and for being as you are. You are defintely one of my best New York memories.”

-Carmelita, France (Consultant, European Union)