English Empowers

The purpose of English Empowers is to help international adults reach their goals in New York City. It was founded by teacher, editor, and entrepreneur Jeff Walton. All of our tutors are certified to teach English by Cambridge University and have 3+ years of experience at top-ranked English language schools in New York. What separates English Empowers tutors from other English tutors is our ability to adapt to each client’s needs and help him or her reach concrete goals—goals which range from “writing clear e-mails to colleagues” or “discussing politics with American friends” to “scoring a 100 on the TOEFL exam” or “writing a business plan in English.” We know our job is done when our clients have taken that next step in their New York experience, succeeding independently using the skills they improved with us. English Empowers clients receive the benefits of both expert language instruction and practical guidance from New York natives—both essential to success in the challenging environment of New York City.

About Jeff


Jeff graduated with High Honors from the English Language and Literature Department at the University of Michigan, ranked the #9 program in the world for writers of English. Jeff studied both critical and creative writing, and he won the University’s prestigious Hopwood Award for his own fiction. Jeff discovered his passion for foreign languages during an intensive Italian program in Sesto Fiorentino, Italy. Jeff experienced the language-learning process first-hand, studying Italian in private lessons and conversing with Italian friends. The joy of this language exchange while living abroad himself was the inspiration for English Empowers, and Jeff soon moved to New York City to train for his CELTA (Certificate for English Language Teaching to Adults), the most respected international certification for English Language teachers.

Jeff developed his fun, challenging teaching style during five years at New York Language Center in Manhattan, rated the #1 English language school in New York by El Diario. At NYLC Jeff taught all levels in a wide range of subjects, from Grammar and Pronunciation to American culture and TOEFL Preparation, and learned to adapt to different backgrounds and learning styles as he instructed students from over 60 countries. During this time Jeff created hundreds of exercises and learned to use a variety of materials, tools which he now uses to help his clients at English Empowers. Jeff soon became the lead Business English and Academic Writing teacher at NYLC, helping several students find jobs and enter university in New York. As he became more connected with world of international professionals and academics, he began teaching private lessons and developing the concept for English Empowers.

Jeff discovered that his greatest strength was helping motivated individuals meet specific goals. In various professional fields, Jeff has coached a visiting professor from Brazil in presentation skills, edited technical writing for an Indian software developer, and helped a Korean trader succeed in finance job interviews. In the academic world, Jeff has helped students gain admission to Columbia University, Hunter College, Brooklyn College Law School, Harvard Law School, and Cambridge University. Jeff still enjoys giving private lessons in General English, helping both residents and tourists build accuracy and fluency in the language.

Jeff continues to refine and improve his own language skills in New York—editing medical texts for the Princeton Review, translating Italian literature in collaboration with the University of Naples, writing training material for teachers at St. John’s University, and serving on New York Language Center’s Curriculum Review Committee. Above all his interests, Jeff loves building long-term relationships and engaging in cultural exchange with his international clients!